Mod 1: Happy Computing in EDUC-8306-3

Welcome everyone to my blog!  Today I am blogging from Orlando, Florida. While I would like to say it is sunny and warm, it is a mere 70 degrees and mostly cloudy.  However, I am sitting on a terrace overlooking a beautiful pool.  I believe that it is 36 degrees and partly sunny in Upstate, New York where I will be heading tomorrow evening.  My goals for this course is to learn about new technologies that I will be able to incorporate into my classrooms and to share with other colleagues at my college. Pooh bear computer”


7 responses to “Mod 1: Happy Computing in EDUC-8306-3

  1. Hi Sharon,

    It was such a nice day in Missouri that I took off my jacket and walked around in the shirt sleeves. Nice blog!

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  2. HI Sharon!

    Well I can get on here and follow you, but not sure about linking to my blog as well. All this is new to me and it is not intuitive. Guess it’s good to be learners here together.


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  3. So, I am so confused with how to get my tumbler blog subscribed to everyone..any help would be great!


  4. Sharon- I use WordPress for my criminal Justice blog called e-Roll Call Magazine. Looking forward to learning with everyone.


  5. Wish I was in Florida. Good luck on your Doctoral journey.


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